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      2. APPROACH

        We helped the client by building customer profiles for all customers who visited website on the basis of:

        1. Website activity
        2. Transactional behavior over a period of one year
          • Revenue generated prior to and post RFQ submission
          • Days taken to transact post RFQ submission
        3. Customer Demographics
          • Age of customer – New/Existing customers
          • Customer Type – Construction/Commercial customers etc.

        Customer profiles were then used to set up targeted digital marketing campaigns and implement bundling strategy to help drive sales over the digital sales channel.


        • Helped client determine if their website is an alternate method to conduct their business
        • Enabled directed targeting by tracking customer behaviour on digital channels


        • An increase in revenue generated from existing customers post RFQ submission leading to an improved relationship
        • ~83% of customers who submit RFQs are new customers, which confirmed that the web platform is an alternate way for client to conduct their business and acquire new customers

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