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      2. APPROACH

        Tredence’s Sancus powered Leads Prioritization helped the client to do the following

        • Ingest 8 million leads data from 6 different source systems
        • Enrich the leads data with 3rd party data sources
        • Advanced machine learning proprietary algorithms helped?to merge/filter out invalid and duplicate lead data
        • Feedback mechanism to capture user’s feedback (if required) to enhance machine learning algorithm’s accuracy
        • Machine learning based lead prioritization process to prioritize the leads and improve the overall efficiency of marketing campaigns


        Key Benefits after implementing the solution:

        • Overall lead processing time reduced from 3 months to 8 hours resulting in significant time savings. This allowed business users to focus on other priority tasks thus improving the overall business efficiency
        • Lead deduplication also ensured that lesser leads were processed using 3rd party data enrichment sources thus bringing additional cost savings
        • Effectiveness of marketing campaign increased multi-fold as the same leads were not targeted multiple times and existing customers were targeted with the relevant messages based on their potential needs
        • Entire solution was hosted & monitored on AWS ensuring tight fitment with client’s cloud migration strategy


        The client saw a significant improvement in the marketing campaign effectiveness after deploying Sancus enabled Lead Prioritization solution

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