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      2. APPROACH

        To solve this problem, we leveraged Sancus to –

        • Identify and tag obsolete materials in ERP systems based on transactional/inventory/PO analysis.
        • Identify and tag duplication of materials within each ERP and across ERP systems; assign duplicates to a master record.
        • Match these to existing masters in MDG if they exist or add them to MDG if they don’t exist.


        • Cleansed and corrected material master data to allow the business stakeholders to rationalize materials and suppliers.
        • Obsolete materials were tagged and made non – available for further use/ordering, thereby improving procurement processes.


        • Out of ~1.5M material records, ~0.5 materials were tagged as obsolete, and ~120-150K master golden material records were created.
        • Around 12% in downstream cost savings were observed due to reduction in material duplication and supplier rationalization.

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