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      2. APPROACH

        We used Sancus to

        • Cleanse and standardize customer data across 300k customer accounts using proprietary machine learning algorithms
        • Used 3rd party sources to enrich & validate customer data
        • Provided centralized customer data management with endpoints to database and BI systems
        • Enabled data monitoring for ongoing data & exception management
        • Provided a reinforcement feedback loop for business users to pass feedback (if required) and override machine learning algorithm results


        Key Benefits:

        • Integration of data across systems (ERP, CRM, 3rd party, etc.) enabled sales leadership and executives to monitor, predict and drive growth strategies
        • The solution ensured customer duplication was handled within and across systems through the creation of ‘golden records’
        • Sancus’s AI augmented solution gave our client better visibility into their customer data thus improving the overall customer relationship


        • The client saw a $4 M increase in annual sales impact through cross-sell/ up-sell opportunities driven by a better understanding of customer base & hierarchies

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