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      2. APPROACH

        The solution followed the below approach

        • Identified and segregated manual processes into different individual user modules such as Scheduling, Training facilities, Nominations and Alignments.
        • Developed smart algorithms in combination with continuous improvements to the Alignment/Realignment processes to optimally align associates to training facilities based on rules like availability, history of courses, job profiles, and region.
        • Identified the external systems within the training ecosystem and integrated them with the solution to automate the end-to-end system interactions.
        • Designed a simple and intuitive User Interface, that can be easily understood and used by the non tech-savvy associates at the stores.


        The automated solution enabled the client to:

        • Align associates to the training centres while improving utilization metrics
        • Efficiently integrate travel, expenses and accommodation details prior to training, thereby improving the experience of employees
        • Deploy a business rule engine for ever changing operational training processes, thereby helping the store and training facility management.


        The client was able to

        • Save 3200 man-hours across 400 users per week due to the ease of scheduling.
        • Improve utilization metrics of training facilities from 35% to a staggering 80%, which resulted in 1500 more associates getting trained on a weekly basis.
        • Integrate with four different systems in real time to close the feedback loop from 5 days to 2 days.
        • Access a real time reporting platform to identify hotspots to deploy future training modules.

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