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      2. APPROACH

        We followed a three-step approach to solve this problem for the client:

        • Identified key metrics like past transactional behaviour of customers, geography coverage of the customer, length of past engagements, verticals that the customer deals in to determine the customer profile
        • Assigned a consolidated priority score to each customer based on the relevant metrics and use this score to enable rep assignment
        • Built an interactive tool for the client which helped them view profiles for their entire customer universe. It also compared how the currently rep-assigned customers differ from the rep-unassigned ones. Also pointed out the customers that qualified immediate rep assignment owing to the high value they brought to the client as well as their immense geographical coverage


        • The solution enabled the client to understand customer requirements better through details of their past transaction behaviour
        • A more efficient method of Rep-assignment was introduced which helped customer retention
        • Client was able to enhance the returns from the customer through better realization of customer potential


        • Optimized assignment cost, bringing it down by 6%
        • CSAT improved by 8% over one quarter (QoQ)
        • 19% increase in cross sell opportunities identified

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